Mare of Easttown Review, Kate Winslet’s new Mystery series

Mare of Easttown Review, Kate Winslet’s new Mystery series

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Mare of Easttown Review. Do any of you like a story about a murder or a mystery story? Yups! Similarly, I’m also, it’s great to have a series about detectives reviewing a murder mystery, kidnapping and similar issues.

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And on this occasion, I will review the series briefly but quite in detail that is now much discussed by the Netters, namely titled Mare of Easttown.

Synopsis Mare of Easttown

Mare Sheehan is a detective from a Pennsylvania town who is fighting hard to keep her life from being ruined. At the same time, he (Mare) is trying to also investigate a case after mysterious murder case.

Cast of Mare of Easttown

The success of this series can not be separated from the classy acting from the cast such as Kate Winslet who plays (Mare), Evan Peters (Colin Zabel), Guy Pearce (Richard) and others.

The Mare of Easttown series has the three main characters mentioned above. And there are also some supporting actors that I can’t mention one by one.

Mare of Easttown Review Full Episodes

Mare of Easttown is a series that tells the story of a female detective in the city of Easttown named Mare Sheehan whose life is quite chaotic. At that time he had to investigate various cases that occurred in her city.

Starting from investigating reports that there is a mysterious person who likes to peek in a house, then the unsolved case is the disappearance of a girl in the city who has been missing for a year.

The last case is the case that just happened the discovery of a woman who was killed with terrible conditions in a river.

The case was quite complex, which then led Mare to various suspects. Not only must face the murder case, Mare also has to face conflicts in him related to trauma in the past.

Mare of Easttown Series Review

This series not only tells how Mare’s efforts in investigating the murder case, but we are also brought to see how the life and personal problems of Mare.

The series also tells the lives of its various characters. Honestly, it’s hard to guess who the perpetrator of the murder was.

Because we will be made suspicious of the various characters, because they are seen doing something suspicious and have a motive to commit the murder.

In addition, there will be new suspects as a result of the testimony of dishonest witnesses or half giving evidence.

Mare of Easttown Finale Episodes Review

The twist in the ending was quite crazy, because the culprit was never expected to do the act.

The pace is quite slow, maybe not everyone can enjoy it. But because of this we know more deeply the problems faced by Mare and various figures. At the end of the episode we will usually be given a surprise.

mare of easttown review

The visuals are also quite good, plus scoring that adds to the tension. I really like the figure of Mare Sheehan here, a strong woman who has to face various problems but is dedicated to carrying out her duties.

Then what also stole my attention was the figure of Detective Colin Zabel, who was Mare’s partner in solving the case of the girl’s disappearance and murder.

As well as various other characters who are told well enough to succeed in outwiting the audience about who the perpetrators of the murder.

This series must be watched for those of you who like detective and mystery series, the twist is quite crazy and deceives the audience.

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